Thursday 6 March 2014

Update from Paris

Hi Folks - Just checked into my hotel in Paris for a day off before the One Republic tour continues at La Trianon tomorrow night. It's been an amazing experience so far. One of the highlights has been playing 'Good Souls' with One Republic. I arrived at the venue in Bern Switzerland to hear them rehearsing the song unexpectedly and we have been playing it at all the subsequent shows. I'm really chuffed that they like the song and it's an honour to play it with them every night.

Another highlight that really seemed to take hold in Germany has been the sing alongs to 'That Man' from 'Turning Point'.

There's a whoah... refrain that keeps recurring in the song and the crowd picked up on it eally quickly. It was great to spend a few days in the beautiful city of Cologne and sample a famous beer hall(I went to Hausbraerei Paffgen and can highly recommend it. Just don't ask for a choice. It's the pilsner they brew or nothing. Thankfully it tastes good!) Of course the cathedral is the centre point of the city and is certainly worth a visit. I didn't brave the steps up to the tower though. Probably not a good idea after a few pilsners anyway!

After a few great shows all over Germany it was onwards to Amsterdam.  I've visited the city numerous times before but it never loses its charm.  It was great to play Heineken Music Hall a large modern hall across from the Amsterdam Arena. I've always loved playing the Paradiso in Amsterdam but it was nice to experience a different place. I think it was my favourite One Republic show too.

The sound was great for such a big room and all the band were on amazing form. Having seen their set a few times now 'Can't Stop' and 'Preacher' are highlights for me.

Before I travelled onto Brussels I called into 3fm in Hilversum for a session with Giel for his breakfast show. I was well looked after at the station and theres been some great feedback from the session so it was well worth the 5.45am wake up.Thanks for having me 3fm!

Unfortunately stomach flu hit the one republic touring party so there was no gig in Brussels but thankfully those affected are (touch wood) on the road to recovery so I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow in Paris.

Will be back soon with further tales...


James W

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