Wednesday 19 February 2014

The journey continues!

Hi Folks, - So the last time I wrote I was in Linz Austria getting ready for the show. The show later that night was great and One Republic were on superb form too. I enjoyed a few glasses of wine with the tour catering staff but couldn't over do it as I had a train to Prague to catch the following day.

I've been to Prague once before and remember it being a beautiful city. On this occasion my friend Chris from back home was passing through on his travels so I met up with him to have a few drinks on the day off. As we are both big Beatles fans the first port of call had to be Lennon's Bar! It's a small pub/restaurant and the staff were very friendly.

It's located near 'John Lennon Wall' which started off as purely a tribute to John but has since been taken over by other forms of Graffiti. There's still a few John Lennon faces knocking about though and the name remains. After a hearty Czech meal we headed to the highly recommended 'Hemmingways' cocktail bar.

 A great little place,like a discreet little speakeasy. They will only let enough people in as they have chairs which means it retains a more relaxed vibe than some of the more packed places around the city. Our 'Old Fashions' were served in a bottle contained within a hollowed out book which was a nice touch!

As we seemed to be following the path of famed hell raisers it seemed apt that we should finish the night in Bukowskis a little walk from Hemmingways. The gig in Prague was brilliant. I decided to break out my cover of 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' for this one and it went down a storm! Next morning,sent postcards to my kids and headed off to Slovakia.

For me this was the best show of the tour so far. The crowds have been fantastic everywhere but I felt particularly good about my own performance. As I was in Slovakia I had to give a shout out to the great Martin Skertl too! I'm now sat in Vienna station a little way through my epic journey from Bratislava to Bern. Looking forward to coming back to Switzerland a place I have fond memories playing as a solo artist and with Starsailor.


James W

P.S I'm excited that 'Turning Point' is now available to pre-order on itunes. I've had some great feedback just for the itunes preview so I can't wait for you to hear the full tracks!

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